Hard-Working Wet/Dry Vacs

This classic line will perform in your workshop, basement, and garage. Every Hardware vacuum comes with a wet filter, dry filter, and collection bag, plus on-board tool & cord storage. Top it off with a large 2 1/2" tank inlet to fit any size Shop-Vac® hose.

Accessory StorageAccessory Storage:

Keeps your tools organized and always on-hand. Accessory storage varies per model.

Rear Blower PortRear Blower Port:

Just remove the tethered cap and attach the vacuum hose to the rear blower port and you've got yourself a powerful blower. Blow away sawdust from stationary tools or leaves and lawn debris from sidewalks or patios.

Extra Large Hose HolderExtra Large Hose Holder:

Easily wrap your hose around the motor housing when you're not using your vacuum. The hose holder keeps the hose in place for convenient storage.

Lock-On HoseLock-On Hose®:

Securely fasten your hose to the tank inlet or rear blower port.
(on 6 gallon and larger units)

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Tank Capacity  5 Gallon* 6 Gallon* 8 Gallon* 8 Gallon* 10 Gallon*
Peak HP**  2.0  3.0 4.05.0 5.0
Electrical Rating 120 V 60 Hz 7.5Amps  120 V 60 Hz 8.4Amps  120 V 60 Hz 9.8Amps120 V 60 Hz 11.3Amps 120 V 60 Hz 11.3Amps
Cord Length  6 Feet 6 Feet  6 Feet6 Feet 6 Feet
Accessory Diameter 1.25 inch   1.5 inch 1.5 inch1.5 inch 1.5 inch
Hose Length 7 Feet  8 Feet  8 Feet8 Feet 8 Feet
Tank Drain No  No  YesYes Yes
Warranty 2 Year Motor   3 Year Motor 3 Year Motor3 Year Motor 3 Year Motor
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